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Welcome to njBalance!

Hello, I'm Susan Drummond. Thank you for visiting my website. You've come to the right place on the journey to claim wellness of body, mind and spirit!


Your personal experience with me will be very unique and may include an integration of Reiki, energy balancing and/or intuitive guidance and healing.


Please take a moment to review the selection of services offered and select the ones that will help you feel and be your best. If you're not sure, that's ok. Come on in and we'll talk and come up with a plan especially for you.

You have the right to live a healthy and stress-free existence. 


Susan Drummond

Reiki Master & Intuitive Medium

Clean Beach

About Susan Drummond


"My goal is to bring out your best self!"

I have always felt a connection with the Divine. When I was a little girl I “played” with the angels and talked to God. Suddenly and traumatically when I was at the tender age of 11, my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor. From that day on, life completely changed for me. Surgery complications left her paralyzed and mentally confused with practically no memory. In anger and confusion, I turned away from God and the angels for the next nine years.


Finally, at age 20, I whispered a prayer for help and it was dramatically answered. Again I had that strong relationship with God and the angels. Afterward, sources were placed in my path and I worked very hard to live a good life. I was successful, and was able to connect spiritually with my departed mom and began to feel her guidance. I developed a successful, traditional, business career and manifested a good husband and wonderful children.


After giving birth to two beautiful children, I was having difficulty conceiving my third. A dear friend of mine was a Reiki practitioner and offered me a Reiki session. I was unfamiliar with Reiki at the time, but gratefully accepted the offer. I conceived that month. This began my journey to becoming a Reiki Master.

In 1998 both my father and 13-year-old niece became terminally ill. By now my coping skills were much improved and with a loving relationship with God, Reiki, and contact with my mother’s spirit, I was able to be there for both of them. I also began to feel a strong sense of healing whenever I massaged their shoulders and back. This was the beginning of my professional

massage career. It came naturally to me,  and soon after graduation, I was asked to teach new massage students at Our Lady of Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies. At this time I had the good fortune of meeting with several healers and saw,

 first-hand, medical miracles involving physical and physiological changes.

These events prompted me to take a psychic development class in which I came to realize I could connect with other spirits for guidance. This also enabled me to connect with spirit guides during a massage session, thus helping my clients. After her rough battle with cancer, my niece died two years later. I considered it an honor to have helped her through this process with Reiki. Three weeks later, my dad passed away. I truly understood that death was indeed, a natural process.


In 2000, I started my own massage and wellness practice.


Your personal experience with me will be very unique and may include an

integration of Reiki, energy balancing and/or intuitive guidance and healing.


Call to schedule an appointment with me today - 609-923-3154.


Original artwork by Laura Brinbohm.

You can see more of Laura's work on

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Choose today to claim wellness for your life and let me help on your journey.




All services are for therapeutic purposes only.  Please do not contact njBalance if you are seeking any kind of illegal/inappropriate service.

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